I am an artist, not a documentarian. I make things.

My work doesn’t end at the snap of the shutter – the resultant image is like a sketch or underpainting. It’s my job is to develop it to the point of communication, clarity, wonder and beauty

I won’t fool you into thinking that I consult Muses, that before the shutter snaps that I consider ultimate questions. I take photographs because I enjoy it. Nevertheless, I am often at my most spiritual when I shoot or when I process an image, but that means that I am indulging in the joy of experimentation; that I play, perceive, explore; that a bit of who I am solar-flares into my art.

I am trying to push what a camera can do and push what people normally expect of a photograph. I have shifted to use of alternative lo-fi lenses, experimental lens, reflections, intentional camera movement and digital effects, to create images that are impressionistic or abstract.

I make my decisions based upon wonder as an emotion. Art should convey wonder, cleverness and impressiveness. A viewer should be able to say, “Wow” at a good piece, or at least nod in approval. This attitude informs my work. My goal is to give the viewer something to dream about.